A Full Size iPhone Keyboard?

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The problems with the iPhone keyboard have been at the lips of the users right from the start, and though all the iOS updates and iPhone versions there has never been a significant update to this that would really match the problem.  This is partially because the virtual keyboard is never really going to meet the needs of some users, especially since the kind of computing that the iPhone allows is really best when you can slap your fingers onto a physical keyboard.  CompuExpert seems to have the solution, though it may not be the one you want.

WOW-Keys, as the CompuExpert website lists, is a full size attachable keyboard for your iPhone.  On the right hand side holds a slot where you can attach the iPhone, allowing you to then work from the left.  The way this appears is then that you simply have an iPhone sitting to the side of your keyboard, yet this really is the computer and monitor themselves.

This image described by iphone keyboard, wow-keys iphone, compuexpert iphone keyboard, Omnio-Wowkeys

On its own this seems as though it would be a completely irrelevant device, especially because of its immobility.  What does save it somewhat is that it can be used in a dual function for both your computer and iPhone simultaneously.  This would then allow the keyboard to be used as the USB connection to your computer for syncing and power, and you could toggle back and forth between interacting with the iPhone and regular computer keyboarding.

The odd nature of this product has led a number of bloggers to wonder if this is even real.  The internet is filled with product shots of imaginary items that people have photoshopped or constructed in their basement, and often times they prove no more valid than a website draw.  The CompuExpert website lists the release date for the iPhone WOW-Keys as May 24th, so we‚Äö√Ñ√¥ll see if they begin taking orders.

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