Accessory Spotter: Check Out This Sweet Little iPad Microphone



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We typically run a list of accessories on weeknights. However, this one was cool enough to get us to do a post about it without a full list.

It's called the Samson Meteor Mic, and can connect to the iPad via USB with the iPad camera connection kit. At $99, it's about average price for a microphone of it's kind. Much like Blue's Snowball or some of the other consumer-level USB microphones.

What's nice about this is the microphone itself has a headphone jack, and it can be used with your computer via USB. Those who record at home on software like GarageBand, or those who like to Podcast will typically use a mic like this because of the lower cost and the ability to plug directly into a computer rather than needing an audio interface.

They makes say that it does not require drivers, which is a cool thing if you are recording. It's often a pain to have to do a search for drivers, then find the ones that are compatible with your system, especially if it's a few years down the line, etc.

We like the idea, but we are also fans of USB microphones because of their simplicity. It will be interesting to see how well this microphone can record/reproduce sound.

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