Accessory Spotter: iControlPad is Shipping

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This is a little Bluetooth controller for the iPhone. We've heard of it before, but it never seemed that it was ready for release. Eventually, we forgot about it as we do with every other iDevice control pad that is announced and never seems to make it past a few concept renders or some obscure YouTube video.

Looks like this one is actually ready for primetime, and it's shipping. It works with Bluetooth rather than using the iPhone's dock connector. It was just easier for them to do it that way it seems as they didn't have to get Apple's approval.

It seems that games will need to have support for a Bluetooth controller or you will have to jailbreak, otherwise you can't play on an iPhone, but hey say it works on certain Android apps. Here is their feature list as per the official website:

Supporting any phone/console/computer with Bluetooth.

  • Digital Dpad, 2 Analogue nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons.
  • Clever side clamp system allowing it to attach to almost any phone
  • Multiple BT protocols supported
  • Should 'just work' on any Android app which supports a PC gamepad.
  • iPhone users should have jailbreak but does work on unbroken iPhone in keyboard mode.
  • Internal 1350maH battery can also charge your phone via USB when playing.
  • Upgradeable firmware, new features can be added, restrictions can be bypassed.
  • Now in stock!.

    You can take a look at it here.

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