Accessory Spotter: iPad Dropped 500 Feet, Survives




This dude is showing off a protective G-Form sleeve that is designed to protect your iPad from just about anything, it seems. They drop an iPad about 500 feet, and though it's onto the grass, it's quite the drop. You hear the thud when the iPad hits the ground, but it remains unharmed. The best part is seeing the dudes excitement after he picks it back up. He's thrilled.

What's more, these crazy guys used an iPad 3G, you can see the little panel when he picks it up. Of course they must have expected it to survive, but 500 feet is a long drop. You can tell that it definitely hits pretty hard. Guess that Gform case takes absorbs most of the impact.

While we're sure you don't be dropping your iPad 500 feet, we think it definitely shows that this thing can protect it from a minor fall around the house. Nobody wants a cracked screen or dent in the aluminum. Either way, we still like our favorite April Fools faux review, the iPhone glider case, which you can read about back here. We dropped it off iSmashPhone tower, and it glided away with our iPhone.

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