Adobe Gives Sneak Peak at Future of Live Video Streaming on iOS



Adobe showed off some new video streaming technology that they've been working on for a while at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas.

According to a post on Adobe's official blog, the software is build on the Adobe Flash Media Server, and they are showing how content can be streamed to mobile devices such as the iPad, Samsung's TVs, Moto Xoom and other gadgets.

Here's were it starts getting a little more technical with initialisms and acronyms, so we will let Adobe's blog post take it from here:


We introduced HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) last year for the Adobe Flash Platform. HDS leverages the MPEG-4 fragment container format using H.264/AAC codecs. The file format (F4F) is used today by CDNs such as Akamai and is benefiting broadcasters with greater reach and quality of service. It enables us to continue optimizing and innovating the HTTP delivery format for the best possible user experience and additional monetization opportunities.

As we continue to evolve this technology we will be adding support for another format, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). HLS is an MPEG2 transport stream (container) used by devices such as the Apple iPad 2. By adding support for HLS within the Flash Media Server, Adobe is reducing the publishing complexity for broadcasters who need to reach browsers supporting HLS through HTML5 (such as Safari) or devices where Adobe Flash is not installed. Where Flash is installed, Flash Media Server packages the stream using MPEG4-fragments (F4F) to deliver video over HTTP to Flash

There you have it, folks.

[Via Official Adobe Blog]

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