Adobe Shows Off Photoshop-like Application for iPad

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At the recent Photoshop World Conference, Adobe showed an iPad version of Photoshop. According to website electronista, the software wasn't named, but it functions just like a real version of Photoshop, complete with layers and effects. They even showed off an isometric view that allows a user to see the various layers quickly, it actually sounds pretty neat.

One of the very awesome features shown off was a color mixer in which the user can literally drop colors together and combine them "like a painter."

It's all very interesting, and if software like this could be priced affordably (Adobe is, after all, the same company that prices Photoshop CS5 at $700+) it would definitely be a great choice for photo editing.

Not much else was said about the software, as mentioned above, it doesn't have an official name and there was not target release date or launch window announced that we know of. Perhaps we will see updates in the future. At least we know that on some level, Adobe and Apple are playing nice with each other. Just not when it comes to Flash.

We're sure Adobe will have more to say in the future, and we will learn additional details as a release draws near.

There are a few apps out there that can do similar things:

Brushes – not quite a photo editor, but nice for painting, supports layers.

PhotoForge – This one lets you edit photos with a variety of tools and adjustments. The software says you can even layer effects for interesting results. 

Filterstorm – This one looks as if designed for photographers. The effects all seem to involve color correction and tools to fix balance and those other kinds of things that a more serious photographer may want to adjust in their photos.

Adobe themselves has a pretty slim offering so far, but it's free in the form of Adobe Photoshop Express. Layer support will be a very welcome addition when they update their software as this one just has a few basic tools, but you can check it out here: Adobe Photoshop Express


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