AirLocation App Lets iPhone Share GPS Data With iPad


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AirLocation is an App for your iDevices that lets you share GPS location from your iPhone to your iPad. You will need iOS 4.3 (or “similar” says the App’s official website) and you will need to turn on your Personal Hotspot option. After that it’s easy, here is how the developer’s website describes the process:

  1. Turn on the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone
  2. Connect your iPad to the Personal Hotspot
  3. Start AirLocation on your iPhone and iPad
  4. AirLocation on your iPad will now track your location based on GPS data provided by your iPhone

It’s interesting. Still, if you’re going to go through this trouble and pay the extra fee for tethering (because AT&T is going to be charging) you’d may as well get an iPad 3G. We will say that certain users don’t need it (some of the iSmashPhone staff only ever really uses the iPad at home or at the AirPort or anywhere else there is wifi) others do need it on the road or at places with no available connection.

We wrote a piece on it a while back, weighing the options so that potential users can see what the advantages/disadvantages are of each. You can see that here: iPad 2 wifi or 3G? Which is for me?

iTunes link – 99 cents

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