Almost 40 Percent of Us Use Our iPhone or Android on the Toilet

Do you own a smartphone? Chances are you use your device while on your favorite seat. According to a Google Survey (via TechCrunch) Everybody needs something to do while on the toilet.
Perhaps it's not quite like that Seinfeld episode when George takes the french impressionist book into the bathroom while at a bookstore and later says, "If it wasn't for the toilet, there would be no books."
Luckily, they don't flag our iDevices once they've been to the bathroom. We wouldn't be able to resell it, and people would tell us that "this iPad's been to the bathroom." Imagine if eBay wouldn't take your iPhone or iPad once it's been tarnished by a trip to the bathroom? 39 percent of people wouldn't be able to do anything with their old device.
We all know that using a device on the bathroom is not unusual, though most probably won't admit to it. Who doesn't like a round of Angry Birds or Tiny Wings while relaxing for a bit on the porcelain throne? It's easy, and helps the time pass. Especially for those times when you have to sit a little longer, like after beer night with the friends.
Of course there are other statistics shared, but this one is one of the most interesting. Amusing also because it brings us back to Seinfeld, one of the best shows of all time.

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