Amazon Link Bait: iPhone 5 Ads

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Nice one on Amazon’s part. They are running ads on Google for the iPhone 5. All you have to do is Google iPhone 5 and has an ad reading “iPhone 5 at – Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon.”

We understand the importance of keywords, as do most people at most websites. We’re sure Amazon does too. That’s pretty crappy to run an ad for the iPhone 5 when it’s only a rumored device at this point. Yes, we know it’s coming, but why run an ad that says “Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon?”

This is just generating tons of traffic for them as people search for the highly-anticipated handset. One website reports that Google’s AdWords tool shows that ‘iPhone 5’ is searched about 1.8 million times a month. We hate to sound accusatory here, but this doesn’t sound like an accident.

Let’s give Amazon the benefit of the doubt. What does clicking on the link do? It takes us to an Amazon search for iPhone 5 with nothing but products for the current-gen iPhones. It’s what many of us like to call link bait. Clever or deceitful?

As for the real iPhone 5, there is no pinned date on it. We can estimate that Apple will be unveiling it this year between June and September, but this is only based on four years of the company’s history with releasing the product. Few outside of Apple know for sure when it will ship or exactly what features it will include.

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