Analysis: Google Android vs Apple iOS (Humor)

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Website Obama Pacman has weighed in on the whole open world of Android vs the closed world of iOS debate with a couple of slides comparing the two platforms.

We talked about it ourselves a while back and wrote an opinion piece titled “Who’s Worse? Google, The Big Fat Liar, or Apple, the Control Freak?” The idea was that Google’s rules for Android had changed drastically. They are no longer lettings manufacturers modify Android to their liking without an okay from Google. This, as opposed to Apple, who has run a closed platform since day one.

Still, many seem to agree that it had to be done. Google needed to take care of the fragmentation problem before it got too out of hand. Still, it’s angered some manufacturers and some of them were even reported to have gone to the Justice Department to file complaints. It was even found that they were holding back development software for Honeycomb, and only Motorola had access because they felt it would lead to developers putting the software on smartphones and creating a bad experience for the end user.

Either way, it may get a bit rough as manufacturers try to get readjusted. We’ll see if the result affects the end user in any way. If anything, perhaps it will be enough to help reduce fragmentation.


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