Analyst Says Apple Will Launch Video-Focused Cloud Service

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Jeffries analyst Peter Misek released a research note this morning and he believes that Apple "is about to launch a new video-focused cloud-based service." He also believes that Apple will offer a subscription-based service adding that the Cupertino-based company could benefit from the "halo effect that increases units and ASPs for existing products."

If his research notes are correct, Apple is going to launch a could-based service that he says "is more than just a music or content locker" with focus on video. He also writes about Apple's focus on moving into the living room, which is something we've talked about before at least a few times and he says that it's unclear whether it would be a TV or new set-top box.

His report also mentions Apple's North Carolina data center. He says that he believes it's already operational, or will be very soon. It's also mentioned that he believes Apple may be constructing a second building in the same area as they have cleared some acreage not far from the first building.

The truth is, none of this sounds like new information. These are all rumors we've been hearing for months. Even then, the report is all speculation. Oh well, at least it makes for interesting reading material.

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