Angry Birds Creator Says App Syncing is Being Worked On, and Easter Levels Coming Soon

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Well this is nice. Angry Birds creator Rovio has confirmed via Twitter that they are working on including app syncing. They have also announced that Angry Birds Seasons Easter will be available by next week. That's cool and all, but expected. Now app syncing? We needed that.

In a post from the official Rovio twitter account they said:

"We are working on a solution to get all Angry Birds devices in sync."

For now, there is no way to play Angry Birds on your iPad and continue on your iPhone. Or play it on an iPhone 3GS and upgrade to an iPhone 4 while keeping your game progress. That's a bummer for anyone who has spend several hours on the game and doesn't want to lose their progress. 

It's such a problem for us that we found a way to work through it, and it has to do for now. Here's how to save those files. It also works for Infinity Blade, which is nice if you've worked for a few hours building up your bloodline.

We just hope more developers start doing this kind of thing, because the upgrade process is already a bit painful as it is. This just adds to the hassle as anyone who has updated or upgraded may know.

Perhaps more will follow in Rovio's steps once they get this going. Of course we don't know all the stuff going on underneath, so we don't know how easy or difficult implimenting this feature is. Either way, we look forward to seeing it happen soon.

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