Apple Already Testing iOS 5?

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Image Future Tap via 9to5mac


That’s the story from website 9to5Mac. It turns out that an iOS App Store developer named Future Tap recently received a crash report, but it came from an iOS 5 device. This is an indication that Apple is already field-testing iOS 5 on one of their devices, whether that’s an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch remains unknown. According to the report, the crash was caused by something called the MKUserLocationBreadCrumb, says 9to5Mac, which they were able to find out “relates to the iOS maps and location functionality.”

They speculate that Apple could have changed some APIs in the iOS location services, which caused map-based applications to crash. We don’t know when iOS 5 will be released, but it’s expected to be revealed at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ’11). We can probably expect a release shortly after that. The conference takes place from June 6-10, and if Apple follows their regular trend, Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote on day one of the event, meaning June 6. As for the iPhone 5? Don’t expect to see that until September, we hear, possibly at the special music-themeed fall iPod event. That would be a change based on Apple’s previous yearly trend of a summer release for the iPhone.

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