Apple Files Patent Application for Personalized Fitness Services On Your iDevice


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Apple really does want the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices to become part of a new genre of "my everything" device. It's your phone, it's how you check your flights, it's where you check email, movie times, etc. Now Apple is looking into ways to make their devices more friendly to fitness-minded consumers.

That's being done with a patent application for "Systems and Methods for Accessing Personalized Fitness Services Using a Portable Electronic Device." What exactly does that mean? Let's take a look at the description or "abstract" part of the patent application:

"This is directed to systems and methods for accessing personalized fitness services through an integrated application available to a portable electronic device. The integrated application can provide a full fitness center experience by introducing potential new customer to a fitness center and then motivating them to return to the fitness center as active members. For example, the integrated application can provide functions to introduce new customers to a fitness center, can provide functions to motivate customers to join and actively visit the fitness center, can provide in-gym motivation, and can provide post-workout motivation."

Everything is moving towards mobile, social-type devices. We have a friend that always tags where he's at and with whom. So it will say Jerry (not his real name) is at Baristo Coffee Shop on 4th St with XX and XX. We almost imagine that a fitness center finder with plans to motivate users to return may be close to that sort of thing, but feature special plans. Perhaps coupons and member discounts? That's kind of what it sounds like, but based on the picture, you can even have a look at which classes are available, etc.


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