Apple iOS 4.3.2: Verizon iPad Fixes and More



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No more connectivity problems on Verizon iPad?

The folks over at Boy Genius Report have some more info on Apple's iOS update, iOS 4.3.2. They were able to get the same kind of exclusive news with iOS 4.3.1 and broke the news twice about the updates. It's safe to say that they probably have a very credible source here, so here are some of the goods on 4.3.2:

1) Fixes the Verizon iPad connectivity issue 

We heard about this one last week. The Verizon iPad 2 was having some problems with connecting to the 3G network. Apple confirmed the problem, but only said they were looking into it and offered no further information. Verizon declined comment. If the BGR informant is right, this new update will fix the connectivity problems faced by the Verizon iPad, which will make many users happy.

2) FaceTime Fixes – This update will also contain a FaceTime fix for an issue that was recently reported with the iPhone 4 in which random pictures that to the user's knowledge had never been taken with the iPhone, would appear while trying to make a FaceTime call. We've never experienced that one ourselves, but we don't use FaceTime all that much. Still, that issue raised privacy concerns, we don't know exactly what sort of images were taken, but we imagine as long as you don't carry around your iPhone and make FaceTime calls while in the nude, you're okay.


It's also said that it contains other minor fixes, but that's expected. Expect one of those to be a patch for any currently running jailbreaks as well.


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