Apple Moving Closer to the Console Space With iPad

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Taking the iPad 2 to the TV

Real Racing 2 HD is an iPad racer. The game's latest update makes good use of the iPad 2's ability to output video at 1080p. In this game, the player can use the iPad for the tilt controls while the track map displays on the tablet's screen. On the television, you see your game at 1080p and 30fps. Wow.

The downside is that you have to have your iPad wired with that HDMI cable and the dongle. Still, this is a sign of things that are possible with iOS. We are personally interested in what can be done when this stuff becomes more seamless with Apple TV.

We read (via Kotaku) that players can disconnect from the TV on the fly, meaning that they can switch between TV and iPad as they please, with no issue. Imagine playing at home then disconnecitng and continuing on the iPad while you're on the road.

It's a pretty cool concept. Either way, here are the updates according to the game's App Store page:

What's New in Version 1.10

* Full HD 1080p TV-out and dual screen gaming support on iPad 2. Experience Real Racing 2 HD like never before in stunning, true 1080p while real-time racing telemetry is displayed on iPad 2
* Enhanced visuals for Alkeisha Island and San Arcana tracks on iPad 2
* Memory optimizations to minimize crashes
* Various minor improvements and fixes


Focus on Gaming

It's also interesting to know that we recently heard news that Apple is focusing on gaming, according to a former iOS developer named Graeme Devine. He said the following to website IndustryGamers (via BusinessInsider):

"Game Center is a start, but Apple never puts anything out and says, 'Okay, now we’re done.' They only progress that software on, and that’s only going to expand up. I think if you look at the array of Apple between moving some of the iOS stuff onto the desktop, the Apple TV with Airplay, and the iPad and the iPhone, these things are converging. That’s exciting for game developers, I think.""

That's quite an interesting thought. We've touched on it before here, and here. While it may not be an immediate threat to the console market, it can one day become just one more choice for consumers.

The game is available at the App Store for $9.99

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