Apple: No iPad 3 in 2011


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As if you really needed proof of this. Apple executives said during a recent earnings call that we should not expect another iPad in 2011. Through it, you learn that investors are fickle people, worried about the sales of the iPad because Apple is struggling to keep supply. Selling “only” 4.69 million iPads between March 11 and March 26, 2011 (when Apple’s fiscal Q2 ended) had them asking questions. Some of those questions were about why Apple didn’t produce more iPads based on holiday sales. They said that a product transition is always difficult. Rolling out a new iPad would be very hard in time for the holidays. Somehow, people still thought that this may be the case. Again, we have to restate our point: Why would Apple want to do this? We’re no business people, but something tells us that launching Apple’s two biggest products within a month or two of each other would be a bad idea. They’d have to sell the iPhone 5 as well as an iPad 3. They’d also have to convince people that the iPad 3 is worth owning so soon after the iPad 2. As consumers with a limited income, we have to consider purchase decisions. An iPad once every year or every other year isn’t a huge deal. You start loading consumers with too many choices (such as two ipads and an iPhone within one calendar year) you might have problems.

Either way, this sounds like pretty strong evidence that it won’t happen. A product transition is difficult. Doing that again in six months would be a nightmare. Not to mention the horrible reaction they’d get from the people who are still waiting for their iPad 2 and get it just in time to see the iPad 3 roll out.

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