Apple Trademarking iAd, No One is Surprised


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Apple will own that little box and the letters within.

Big companies trademark important terms. That’s why Apple has trademarked just about everything with an ‘i’ in front of it. At least it seems that way. Somehow, they found something that works for them and they run with the idea. It’s been the case since the iMac. While we’ve read that the ‘i’ stood for internet with the original computer, we wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘i’ in all of their products was also meant to place emphasis on the fact that it was a personal machine or device, something intended for ‘i’.

One of the latest ‘i’s to join the family was iAd. It’s Apple’s advertising service for iOS devices. The adds developers can create on iAd are often interactive and can appeal to the user unlike most ads we just tend to skip through. So much so, it seems, that Apple even created an App that does noting but get this: Views iAds. That one blew our mind, but apparently someone out there wants to download an App that’s made up of nothing but advertisements. Literally.

We played around with it. Believe it or not, it’s actually kind of fun to check out some of the more interesting iAds out there. Either way, Apple now has a trademark on the term. Though it doesn’t seem as if anyone else was ever going to use it. Apple won’t even let Amazon use App Store.


Also, in case you wanna check out the iAd Gallery app, it’s here.

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