AT&T’s Early Upgrades Raised by $50


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Were you hoping to upgrade your iPhone, but ineligible at this point? Well, AT&T has just changed the price of their upgrade plans, because if you didn't think buying a 16GB iPhone at $399 was quite expensive enough, you can now do it for $449. Hooray! That's the price of an early upgrade.

The screen above comes from Android Central, so it obviously includes Android devices as well. What's interesting is that the "No Commitment Pricing" mentions excluding iPhones. Below that, they have their own pricing chart.

If you want a 1-year contract, you can expect an increase of $150 for smartphones. Feature phones are only going up by $10, but we are starting to see less and less of those as smartphones start to become the norm.

Heck, we are actually surprised at what the 3GS runs for. Sometimes you tend to forget how much more phones cost when you're not tying yourself to a two year contract. Either way, having a phone isn't cheap.

Let's just hope that AT&T doesn't get their chance to buy out T-Mobile, or we can expect them to have much more control over certain parts of the market. And as we can see, they definitely don't mind raising prices.

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