Band Performing–Like Really Performing on Stage–With iDevice Instruments


The above video is taken from a concert from Kazan, Russia. It's a group of five young students of the Kazan cooperative institute, and they call themselves "Co-op Style."

What's perhaps most interesting about this group is that one of the members is reported to have no musical education and does not know how to play any real instruments. Still, it looks like they are able to play, and even though some don't seem to think that playing on a gadget like an iPad or iPhone is a display of real musical talent, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of carrying a tune. Besides, the instrument doesn't matter. What matters is what the musician can make with what they have. Or something like that.

We're seeing more and more of this. Earlier this week, we saw an iPad cover of Cee-Lo and before that, videos of musicians creating tunes with iDevices. Gorillaz has even created an album almost entirely on an iPad.

Then of course there is GarageBand for iPad. The idea of a multitrack recording software on a little touchscreen tablet seemed so out of this world just three years ago. Now it's a reality.

[BcE 06 iPhone via Google Translate]

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