Best Buy Having Some Sort of iPad 2 Sale on Sunday


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If you've been considering the iPad 2 for a while, but didn't know exactly when to jump in, Sunday may be the time, according to a leaked shot of a Best Buy computer. Man, those Best Buy employees like leaking screenshots. Oh well, more publicity isn't a bad thing, right?

The screenshot seems to show some kind of sale or special event going on for the iPad 2. It's not known exactly what will be going on, but there were rumors of a Best Buy sale involving the iPad 2 as well as reports that they may be sitting on some inventory for a special event. This may be that event.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that they will be fulfilling reservations first. This means those who tried to purchase early on but were denied will get first dibs.

Some sites speculate that the sale going on may also involve some sort of package deal. For instance, an iPad with a case or accessory of some sort. Of course that's all just rumor and speculation at this point. The truth is, we don't see there being enough to really go around. At least not yet. It will be a little while before things level out and there are enough supplies so that potential buyers can find them on store shelves.

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