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Bing is Microsoft’s answer to the powerhouse search engine that is Google. It’s not nearly as popular, and it’s probably going to be a very long time before Bing can be declared a verb (Not that Google ever seemed too pleased with that happening to their name). But it’s hard to deny the popularity of a search engine like Google, and that’s why we actually asked ourselves if Microsoft was crazy when we heard about Bing.

What did they do? They released an iPad app.

Our first question was ‘Why?’

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It’s like the Google iPad App. It’s not totally necessary. The browser version within the iPad works well enough, and we can always make the device default to the Bing search if we’d like. We can do a search, and browse within the Bing App, but it actually feels slower than just using Mobile Safari.

We will say it has a nice look to it. The weather at the bottom, news, maps, movies, trends and stocks all on the homepage. That’s all nifty stuff. It’s also great at doing speech recognition. We will admit that conditions were ideal and were were in the office so outside noise, if any, was minimal. Good thing is, it worked, and it worked well.

We weren’t fans of the weird swipe to go back a page. Given, our time with it has been limited thus far and that may change as we adjust. It’s just easy to do multiple searches and let the Bing app become a mess of pages stacked on top of each other.

The Good

It has a lot of bells and whistles. The speech recognition was great (though our conditions were ideal and there wasn’t much outside noise). We also liked that the home page had the weather and a few other useful things to check out quickly with the tap of a finger.

The Bad

We understand that we don’t represent everybody here, but we do have to wonder why this is necessary. As we mentioned above, the iPad’s built in browser has a search engine and it works fine. If you like Bing, you can always choose to make it your default search engine in the iPad’s preferences. It also feels slower than the Safari browser.

The Verdict

Here’s the challenge that comes with reviewing an App that’s free. We can’t really say “its worth the money” because it costs you nothing but the 30-seconds to a minute it took you to find and download the app. So let’s put it this way: Once we are done with our review, we will be deleting the app, as we don’t have a need for it.

Again, the App works fine. It’s not broken by any means. It just doesn’t do anything you can’t already do in any browser.

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Bing for iPad

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