BlueStacks Will Run Android Apps on Your Windows Machine

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A way to run Android within a Windows desktop environment is on the way through BlueStacks. 

Have you heard of BlueStacks? We hadn't either, until just recently. It's a software that allows users to run Android Apps on their Windows desktop machine. It will allow you to run Windows applications alongside Android apps and you can switch between them just as you would between different Windows applications.

It's also reported to make use of the Windows drivers, which would mean that users can print within Android, according to website Downloadsquad. However, it's noted that the Android Market won't be available in BlueStacks. Though Amazon's App Store will have stuff available.

It might be interesting. We don't know when it launches, but we've heard that it will be "later this year," being that it's so early in the year, that's a big space open for a possible release time.

Right now, the website doesn't offer much. It just shows a quick little animation and introduces the idea of "work and play" and shows the little Android robot with a Windows look. Either way, may be worth a look when it arrives. 

Those interested can also take a look at their Twitter page for more updates. Could be fun.

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