Cydia Answers – Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone [Video]

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A few months back, we wrote an article detailing a number of reasons to jailbreak an iPhone which was actually a continuation of a blog post recorded as one of the most popular read, A  reason to jailbreak your iPhone and yet, a healthy number of readers weren’t convinced. One of our reader even commented: “…still looking for a reason to jailbreak, is it actually worth it?”. Well, how would have we answered to this smart guy?

Jailbreaking is totally about control. It lets you get to know the phone better and do alot more, something special you have always waited to do. The Jailbreak is not a long process but rather simple specially with tools now available online.

The very same question was asked by Robert Scoble from the genius person behind the Jailbreak App Store, Cydia. The answer seemed quite same to what we had to say, “You can do A lot more…”. Jay Freeman showed off a couple of tweaks such as the Twitter app which is actually activated b swiping down fom the iPhone’s status bar as well as a way to access settings in a smarter and quicker way.

Moreover, Jay Freeman aka Saurik gave a glimpse of his iPhone which had some custom features, loaded with hundreds of Apps and icons just wondering around when left idle.


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