Android and iOS Becoming Popular With Government Employees

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According to a report from InformationWeek, the Department of Defense is looking to develop encryption technology that will secure data on iOS and Android devices.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is hoping to create full disk and system encryption for smartphones to be used in the Department of Defense as well as other government agencies, says InformationWeek.

A request for information posted on explains that "The primary purpose of this RFI is to discover new technologies and methods to support full disk and system encryption of the [commercial mobile devices] (specifically Apple and Android platforms) to include a pre-boot environment to load the operating system."

This is all important because these Android and iOS devices are becoming popular with government employees. The report also goes on to mention that the Department of Interior has distributed iPads to their employees as they want to see how it helps productivity.

BlackBerry has long been a name synonymous with government agencies. No doubt RIM is going through a hard time right now. We will see if their PlayBook can raise their popularity, but the outlook isn't good given the recent reviews.

As a side note, the writer of this particular post was a BlackBerry user until they reluctantly picked up an iPhone. It's a rather nice phone, but we still definitely enjoyed how rugged RIM's old phone was.

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