Don’t Believe Everything You Hear on the Internet: Apple and Best Buy Edition

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There is a rumor going around saying that Best Buy was in some trouble with Apple. This because the electronics retailer was holding off some iPad 2s they had in stock, and telling customers that they had sold out while instead they had just reached their sales quota for the day and were reportedly withholding iPads in the back.

The reports went on to say that Apple wasn't very pleased with Best Buy about this, and, for the time being, would no longer be selling iPads at Best Buy, which happens to be one of Apple's biggest retail partners.

Apple's Tim Cook was said to personally be handling the matter, and the Best Buy employee who originally tipped CrunchGear (though they clearly filed it as rumor and were able to squash it fairly quickly) to the story confirmed it through an Apple rep at his store. It seems for now that the rumor may be untrue, as the original tipster was able to get a hold of Tim Cook, and received the following message:


My understanding is most of their stores sold all of their initial supply on the first night of the launch and the balance were out by the following day. I am not aware of any units being held.


Cook just says he doesn't have any knowledge of units being held. Of course he could just be saying that, but we doubt he'd have an reason to reply to the email or comment on it if the case were different.

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