Dumb Cover: Beware the Smart Cover Knockoff

Guess we can call this one the dumb cover. It’s a knock off of Apple’s Smart Cover, and while the real Smart Cover may seem expensive as heck on its own, the not-as-smart cover is only six bucks cheaper. That’s not a huge savings considering the quality of the product, as shown by the video above.

We haven’t played with one ourselves (the Dumb Cover, we mean) but it doesn’t look like the fellow in the video (from M.I.C. Gadget) is very impressed with it. The hinges keep coming off and they say it smells bad. Yeah, not exactly what we want from our cover (though our editor did say his real smart cover smelled for a few days, but that was expected because it was leather. Once it aired out a bit, he was good to go).

Still, folks, this is an example of a bad knockoff. It’s the kind you definitely don’t want. It’s just too bad the hinges are so terrible. It’s a pretty good copy, as far as looks go. It also seems to work very much like the real Smart Cover as far as covering the front and waking / sleeping the iPad 2 when you move that front flap. It’s just too bad the thing falls apart when you so much as look at it.


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