Ebay Will Buy Your Broken iDevices For Good Money

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Okay, so this one may be beyond repair.

Have a broken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you’ve been meaning to get off your hands? Looks like Ebay will take care of that for you. Note that we aren’t talking about jailbroken, we mean broken. Like the thing doesn’t work broken.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a broken iPad will make you up to $150. Not bad for something that doesn’t work, right? iPhones can bring in $100, and iPods go for about $50 tops. You also get a $5 gift card and a $5 donation to an environmental organization, reports the Journal. It’s some sort of recycling program in partnership with CExchange, according to the report. So it works something like this: they buy the product, refurb it, then sell it on ebay. In turn, that can probably mean inexpensive iDevices for people who may not have $500 to spend on an iPad, which is always nice. Technology for everyone is our motto. Just as long as it’s used correctly.

Of course there are a few other details in there. If the device is reparable, it will bring in more money. If it’s broken, it may bring much less, but can be shipped and recycled (not refurbished) free of charge. This sounds like a nice program for the environmentally aware.


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