Gameloft’s Next Target? World of Warcraft


Humans, elves, orcs, it’s all so…World of Warcraft (WoW). Meet Order & Chaos Online.

Gameloft does have some interesting games under their belt. As we all know by now, they are good at taking existing game ideas on console or PC and recreating it to fit a downloadable platform. We’ve seen it done with Halo, Castlevania and now they are going for the World of Warcraft clone. Maybe it’s not a horrible thing, N.O.V.A. is a rather fun game, not the best of its kind, but it’s a Halo clone that hits in all the right places considering the price of the game on the App Store.

Order & Chaos is Gameloft’s latest title for the mobile iOS platform. Check out the video above. Look at the character classes and all the different elements. It looks just like WoW. Probably just different enough to get by. Then again, this is Gameloft, not known for originality, and probably not of any concern to the folks at Blizzard, makers of the popular MMO world of Warcraft.

So how do you feel about an iPad MMO that feels, and looks, pretty much like World of Warcraft. Would you go ahead and play it, or give it the pass?

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