Google Survey: 84% of Tablet Owners Play Games


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Gaming is a very popular pastime. That seems to be the case with tablet owners as well. A recent survey by Google shows that gaming on tablet devices is huge. As in 84 percent of tablet users enjoy playing games on their tablets, including such devices as Apple's iPad. This is compared to the 51 percent of users who say they use their iPad for video and music. However, the survey doesn't mention exactly how many owners owned what tablets.

The survey was conducted on more than 1,400 users through Google's AdMob. 78 percent of users use their device to search for information, with 74 percent using them for email and 61 percent for news.

Other users do social networking on the device (56 percent) and 51 percent use tablets for music and videos. Ebooks are behind the crowd as they are read by 46 percent of users, but that makes sense since most of the ebook market belongs to Amazon and their Kindle and we doubt that most don't buy tablets with ebooks in mind.

The survey results are interesting to look at. Personally, our iPad does a bit of gaming, but we mostly use it for browsing in bed or checking email when we don't feel like going to the computer. The Kindle is our reader, and the iPhone does our video because it works well in bed. As for the majority of our gaming? That's on a console or handheld like the 3DS/DS and PSP.

How about the readers? What do you use your tablet for?

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