Gyro HD DreamBoard Theme

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If you jailbreak your iPhone, chances are you like looking for cool themes. This one, the Gyro HD theme, is by far one of our favorite right now. It just looks so awesome. Look at the tiles at the top and bottom, or the weather in the middle portion of the screen. What’s awesome about that is that the wallpaper changes between day and night. The icons also look very cool across the bottom, and it’s a very different layout. It’s not like many of the others we see that simply copy the iPhone layout. This one goes a bit beyond that.

There are pages that look like the traditional layout, but these fancy ones seem to be a list of your most-used stuff. It looks really cool, doesn’t it? We like it.

You can see the theme here.

There are a few more pretty cool ones here, but the Gyro HD is definitely our favorite:

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