HBO Bringing Streaming to Portable Devices

Streaming is definitely the future of TV. Time Warner has taken steps to go in that direction, but some of the networks aren’t fans. HBO is into that, and they’re doing it themselves with a new app. This one offers content on demand.

This is awesome news. This is also why HBO is often ahead of the curve when compared to other networks. Not only do they provide premium content with great original programming, they see the potential in streaming.

HBO Go is going to be an App for both iOS and Android. It will provide all the streaming content you can want. If you want to stream old episodes of the Sopranos, it sounds like this is the App for you. Of course you will have to be an HBO subscriber. Still, this adds value for the consumer. We pay for HBO, and we get to watch it on TV or watch it on our iPad while we are away.

Oh! An added plus. This works over both 3G and wifi. Ready for watching some True Blood on the road? Oh yeah! It will be available next month, so all we can do is sit tight for now. You can check out more on HBO Go at their official website. Take a look at it here.

Looks awesome, huh? Heck, even the movies are available. Yeah, we’re interested.

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