Honeywell Thermostat is Keeping iSmashPhone HQ Nice and Cool

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It's Friday, so let's take a quick look at something non-iPhone or iOS, just because we thought it was cool. Over at iSmashPhone tower, the Thermostat broke. Not fun at all. In a two-story house, this means that downstairs can be nice and cold, upstairs can be HOT. You have to run to the thermostat and adjust things. It's not exactly fun, especially late at night in your underwear when you can't sleep because of the heat.

So we did a little shopping and found this one called the Prestige HD Comfort System. It's three parts. The thermostat itself, touchscreen with an HD color display. It also has a remote control so that you can make adjustments from another room. There is also the bit that goes outside and measures the outside temperature, adjusting your home for the coolness or warmth you want. It's $324, but definitely worth it if you live in a larger house. You can get a professional installation, but we opted to do it ourselves. As long as you know wiring and how to program the units (which is really nothing more than hold this button down, hold that button down for xx seconds, etc) you are good to go.

We looked around and picked up ours at Drillspot. It came in pretty fast and there was absolutely no hassle for us. We do bring this up because we can imagine that remote being replaced by an iPhone or iPad-like device. Heck, it could get to the point where you could control your home from miles away.

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