How to Get Wifi Anywhere With Your iPod Touch


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The iPod touch is a great device. It lets you enjoy many of the same Apps you would on an iPhone, but it comes without the contract and the hassle. What's really cool is that you can actually use wifi anywhere with your iPod touch, even better is that if you know where to find the right Apps, you can use a VOIP app to use your iPod touch as a makeshift iPhone.

Here's what you need:

– iPod touch

– VOIP app such as Viber or iCall

– An iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3 or higher or any Verizon iPhone

– iPhone personal hotspot plan. (about $20 a month)


With the release of iOS 4.3, Apple introduced the personal hotspot feature to the AT&T iPhone 4. This was something introduced with the Verizon iPhone. We found a very nifty way of being able to use wifi from anywhere on your iPod touch.

So here's what you do:

1) Set up your iPhone 4 for the personal hotspot. This will allow you to use your iPhone 4 as a wifi hotspot.

2) Turn on the wifi on your iPod touch and find the network you just set up.

3) You can now connect your iPod touch to the internet and browse, check your email and even make VOIP calls! All thanks to your iPhone. Useful for long road trips.

How did no one ever think of this before? 


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