How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 PwnageTool (Untethered)


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The iPhone Dev-Team recently released their untethered PwnageTool jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2. This latest one makes use of i0n1c’s untethered boot exploit. This one will allow users to restore their already jailbroken iOS 4.3.2 while preserving the 1.59.00 baseband so that they can continue to use UltraSn0w.

Here’s what the Dev-Team said on their official blog:

Update #3: PwnageTool 4.3.2 now includes the iOS 4.3.2 untether from @i0n1c.  (And look, the PwnageTool and iOS version numbers actually match!).

Note that there‚Äö√Ñ√¥s a corresponding update to ultrasn0w, which has been bumped up to v1.2.2 to get along with iOS 4.3.2 (the ultrasn0w update does not include any new baseband support!).  Please reboot your iPhone using the normal ‚Äö√Ñ√∫slide to power off‚Äö√Ñ√π swipe after installing ultrasn0w 1.2.2.

PwnageTool Official BitTorrent Release

SHA1 Sum = fdf9d7cba7872451bbca1ccae95a82cfefb352e7


You will need PwnageTool (Mac Only – PwnageTool_4.3.2.dmg.6340182.TPB.torrent )

You will also need the 4.3.2 IPSW for your device. This can be easily obtained by plugging in your device for the update and telling it to “download only” It should download to:

User>Library>iTunes>(iDevice Name) Software Updates

It’s an IPSW. Copy that to a new folder called jailbreaks in a spot where you can easily use it (We just think this is a bit easier)


1) Run PwnageTool

2) Choose Expert Mode and highlight your Device.

3) Now you will have to browse for your IPSW. Direct PwnageTool to your new .IPSW

4) Those who need their unlock will HAVE to select “General” and “Activate the Phone” If not unlocked, don’t worry about this step.

5) Hit the “Build” button in PwnageTool

6) PwnageTool will create your custom firmware, so just sit back and relax.

7) Follow the onscreen instructions exactly to put your device in DFU mode.

8) Launch iTunes and connect your iDevice.

9) Select your device in iTunes. Hold “Alt” and hit the restore button. Then direct this to your custom firmware.

10) iTunes will restore your iPhone with the new firmware. Your iDevice will now be jailbroken with 4.3.2. Easy, right?

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