How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 With RedSn0w (Untethered)

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Last week it was possible to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 with some PwnageTool bundles. Still, that requires some work, and the jailbreak was tethered. Tethered sucks for iPhone as it means you must physically plug your device into your computer on reboot. Not great for a phone, especially when on the road.

The jailbreak this time around is easy. First, you must download redsn0w for your OS. The dev-team has the necessary links here. It’s always best to turn to them for the official links rather than anything else posted.

Thanks to i0n1c, this jailbreak is untethered as well. Also, know that this still does not work on the iPad 2.  If you unlock, you will want to hold off on this release.


1) Install the latest firmware (iOS 4.3.2) for your device. This is done most easily by going to iTunes and updating the device. Now you can go look for the new IPSW: (User)>Library>iTunes>(iDevice Name) Software Update

We suggest making a copy of it in a separate “jailbreaks” folder on your computer.

2) At this point, your iDevice SHOULD have 4.3.2 with NO jailbreak. If not, go back and update your device, then come back to step 2.

3) Launch Redsn0w  (download here)

4) Now you must point that to your .ipsw file. (As suggested before, it’s useful to keep this in its own folder named “Jailbreaks”)

5) It will find your IPSW.

6) Check off “Install Cydia” and hit “next”

7) Be sure that your device is OFF and plugged in. You will get a message telling you this. It will also ask you to enter DFU mode. Follow the onscreen instructions exactly, because this is important.

8) Redsn0w will now install your custom firmware. It should restart after that, and will have an untethered jailbreak.





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