How to: Workaround for Restrictions on Streaming Television Apps


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Streaming Television, A Look at Time Warner Cable

Time Warner recently released their streaming App. It's free, but you must be a subscriber to their service and create a login. It's not a bad app if you want to take your TV viewing around with you. The downside is that television networks are pretty anal about where their content is being shown.

This is apparent when you see the lineup on the app. Time Warner will also have to remove some channels because (as mentioned earlier) some networks don't like the idea of their content being streamed to other devices.

We saw this with an announcement the company made last week:

"On March 15, 2011, Time Warner Cable introduced a new innovation:  the FREE TWCable TV app. Over 300,000 of you have downloaded the app, turning your iPadTM into a TV screen and watching selected live cable TV channels in your home with no new wires, no new TVs, and no new set-top boxes.

We believe we have every right to deliver programming to the iPad app.  Unfortunately, some TV networks disagree, and we decided to not carry their channels on the iPad lineup as of March 31. Instead, for the time being, we have decided to focus our iPad efforts on other programmers who understand the benefit and importance of allowing our subscribers ‚Äö√Ñ√¨ and their viewers ‚Äö√Ñ√¨ to watch their programming on any screen in their homes.

We have added 25 new channels to the lineup on our iPad as of April 1. And we’re adding more all the time, so check your lineup every day to see if there are more new channels."


Meet Slingbox

Slingbox is a piece of hardware that connects to your TV and receiver and gives you access from another machine in real time.

For example, say you subscribe to Showtime. You have Slingplayer on your iPad or computer. While you are on vacation, you can carry around your iDevice and watch Showtime from your iPad over wifi. Nifty if the hotel you are at doesn't have Showtime.


The Workaround

Yes, this will cost you a bit. Still, if you are a frequent traveler, and you enjoy all 200+ channels in your lineup, you will need two things: 

1) Slingbox – solo is $179.99 and Pro-HD is $299.99 from

2) Slingplayer for iPad – $29.99


This will allow you to watch any part of your channel lineup without having to worry about what's going on between your provider and the TV networks concerning streaming Apps.

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