iDevice Accessories and Apps: Beta Testers Wanted

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Do You Like Technology? Do You Like Free iAccessories and Apps?   Your Feedback is Needed!

 iSmashPhone is an iPhone blog that covers mobile technology and general tech news with smarts and attitude.  We regularly review iOS apps and even accessories for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad. These are sent to us by companies and developers who want to hear honest feedback on their products.  

Why would they give us stuff for free?

They want feedback on their apps and products.

They value that feedback, because they want to make sure that their product is enjoyed.

They like giving folks a sneak peak of their product before it hits the App Store or retail channels.

Believe it or not, they appreciate honesty. If you can give a good reason why something works‚ or doesn’t, they do take note.

Be the first on your block to evaluate and try iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps and accessories!

We receive a ton of iDevice apps, download codes, and accessories every day. And as much as we like playing with new stuff, there’s so much of it that we honestly don’t have the time to check it all out ourselves.

Mind you, that’s a good thing!  It means companies are taking notice and sending us stuff to review.

This gives you a voice. Believe us, these same companies do stop by and read the site. If you say something, they’ll read it — good or bad.

Sign Up For Free Stuff‚ Cases, Charging Docks, iPhone Apps‚ And Say What You Think About It!

We won’t spam you.  Ever.  We will only send email pertaining to your participation in the beta test program.

It’s strictly for those interested in signing up.

When companies send us stuff, we will forward it your way.

It’s free. We only ask that you write what you think of the product. (And be honest: If it’s great, tell us; if it sucks, tell us that too.  But you have to tell us why you feel the way you do!)

Your thoughts will be posted on the site for the world to see.

Why Should You Join Our Beta Testing Program

Your opinion is valuable to iSmashPhone

Your opinion is valuable to the app developers and accessory makers.

They need to know what real consumers think‚ after all, we’re the ones who will be spending money on their products. As we’ve already mentioned, many of these companies read our site, which means they’ll read your reviews and will take your opinions into consideration. 

Your opinion is valuable to your fellow readers.  Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing.  By sharing your informed opinion, iSmashPhone stops being just a tech blog‚ and becomes a community of like-minded individuals.

Don’t Believe The Hype,Web Product Reviews Can Leave Some Readers Skeptical 

We get it. Anytime a website or blog reviews a product, it does leave readers skeptical. Did they really mean what they wrote?  Are they just kissing up to the company in order to get free stuff to play with? You have a right to be skeptical. Our hope is this: if you check the unbiased opinions of other readers instead of ‚the man behind the curtain, that’s a review that you feel you can trust.

Ready to join us?  Here’s how:

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