iPad 2 Now Available At Toys “R” Us


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This was posted as a rumor last week, but now it looks like the major toy retailer is carrying the iPad 2. We were a bit surprised that a toy store would carry a product like the iPad. While they do carry some stuff, like gaming consoles, those are machines that often are associated with toys (though many adults play console and handheld games, myself included). The iPad is thought of as more of device for the slightly older crowd. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of content on it for kids as well. It’s just a weird social thing that we’ve somehow managed to ingrain in our heads.

Along with that rumor, we are hearing that an Apple rep has said that the iPad 2 supply will be meeting demand soon, with the following information coming from website Techland:

“We’re getting shipments in all the time. We should be getting another one soon‚Äö√Ñ√Æmaybe tomorrow. And we’re getting more and more in with every shipment now. My guess is that within a couple weeks you’ll be able to walk right in and get one.”

Perhaps seeing them at more retailers such as Toys “R” Us is evidence of that, as well as the popularity of the tablet with all age groups. Either way, if you’ve been looking for your iPad 2 and been unsuccessful in finding one, soon may be your time.

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