iPhone 5 Rumors: How Thin is Too Thin?

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The iPhone 5 rumormill, fed by the tech blogosphere, has led to a whole series of different assumptions.  Will the iPhone 5 have RFID capabilities?  Will the iPhone 5 have an SD card slot?  Will it be able to do face recognition, have perfectly clear displays, start your car, and replace the laptop?  Not likely, but it will likely look a lot nicer.

The most recent statements of possible consensus from the iPhone 5 rumor community is that the iPhone will be toning down its over all size.  Instead, many of the iPhone 5 rumor efficiandos are claiming that there may be little difference between the design of the iPhone 5 and what you have become used to with the iPod Touch.

The original statement about an almost credit card this iPhone 5 have already been revoked by the rumor initation team as a "little exaggerated," but the shift is likely a correct one.  The assumption is also that it will come along with a 3.7 inch viewable screen and the same details of resolution that the original Retina Display had, which is likely to be true since Apple will likely not want to give up the cache of their branded screen name quite yet.  The most likely part of the new iPhone 5 rumor description is that is will hold a Qualcomm Gobi chipset so that it will be able to support both GSM and CDMA as standard. 

The iPhone's density has been at 326ppi and this is likely to drop, but this should not be focused on too heavily since the likelihood of this being as dramatic as suggested is slim.  More than this, it should not take away from the possible major advancements, or lack there of, that we will get from the iPhone 5 this summer or fall.


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