iPhone Tracks Where You Go, Keeps a Record


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One more reason to turn off your phone before you go to a nudie bar. Some researchers discovered that the iPhone contains a file that keeps track of everywhere you go. You know, much like location services, but this stores your past location information. That means someone with the right software can see where you've been with your iPhone. Of course most of us probably aren't too worried about that, but there is cause for concern for some. For one, it's not asking for permission, it's just saving this location data. We don't know how detailed it gets, we may be checking it out on our own iPhone soon.

We talked about this one a bit, and while our editor says it is a cause for concern, some of us who grew up around this whole social media thing almost don't take much issue with it. Heck, everyone knows where we are anyway thanks to Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. Still, we like to be asked about it. What's more, this can probably waste our battery faster. Smartphone batteries aren't always all that impressive, this probably doesn't help any. Heck, reasons like this may be why they're not always impressive.

Either way, you can check out the full report here, and you can download iPhone tracker, here. iPhone tracker doesn't record data, it simply shows you a map or where you have been, according to your iPhone.

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