Is Apple Preparing for MobileMe and iWork Updates?

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For a long time Apple offered a $30 rebate on iWork and MobileMe (one or the other) if a user purchased a new Mac. It looks like that has ended. They are no longer offering the promotion, meaning that anyone buying a new computer and wanting the software will have to pony up the full amount…or? Actually, the real rumor here is that this may signal an upcoming refresh for the software. We've heard rumors of the next iWork and MobileMe being on the way. This may be part of Apple's transition to that.

The rumors right now say that Apple is going to be updating MobileMe soon, we suspect that will come officially during the June WWDC event. We've heard that the iPhone 5 will not make an appearance, and the the event will be strictly software. Apple likes attention, and they know that huge software updates are the way to go if they must. With no iPhone to show, they have to make news somewhere.

9to5Mac originally broke the news that the promo would end by the 18th. They say that while the iWork rebate is being discontinued, there has been no indication of iWork '11. Perhaps it will be time to update later this year? It's all speculation at this point, but as they point out, iWork hasn't seen a major update since '09.


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