iTunes On the Cloud: Apple Signs With The Major Music Labels

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The rumors are too loud to ignore. Apple’s cloud-based iTunes is more likely than not on the way. While it’s hard to say exactly when this will launch, it looks like Apple has done quite a bit of work in recent days. Some may remember that last week we heard that Apple had no one signed to their deal. Today we learn from All Things D, whose inside sources tell them that “Apple has already procured deals from at least two of the big four music labels (Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI).”  Turns out this stuff has happened over the last two months, but is just now being reported on.

In their usual fashion, Apple did not comment on the matter. However some industry executives were asked, and most said that they didn’t have specifics on the service, but reaffirmed what we have already heard. It will allow users to store their iTunes content remotely for access on any device. This will be a major step in how we consume music, as it’s already been moving its way towards streaming as indicated by popular services such as Pandora. This may be where that ultimately goes as our only problem with those streaming services is you don’t always get what you want to listen to.

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