Jailbreaking the White iPhone: Redsn0w Should Work Just Fine

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The new announcement and release of the white iPhone 4 has prompted many in the jailbreak community to scramble, mainly thinking that this indicates a major change in the hardware or software of the iPhone.  As has now been made apparent, the white iPhone 4 is almost identical to the black models except for the mild updates to the proximity sensor and antenna.

This means that jailbreaking will go on as usual, which has been finally confirmed.  In a recent Tweet, Chpwn stated that "According to @basicreece, the latest redsn0w works fine on the white iPhone 4. Cool!"  Redsn0w is, of course, the second generation jailbreak that was offered by the iPhone Dev Team and has remained popular with hackers and iPhone efficiandos alike.

There had been some issues with redsn0w 0.9.6rc13 as it did not originally work for the iPhone 4, but this has now been repaired and the iOS 4.3.2 update has been readied for jailbreaking.  This issue did not have anything to do with the white iPhone 4, even though the brief bug sent the blogosphere into a panic.

The hardware and software of the white iPhone 4 are essentially the same, which is why any jailbreak element should be standard to operate on it the same as it would with the black versions.  This may even be a little disappointing to those that were expecting something new, and possibly even a new jailbreaking firmware, from this white knight.

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