Just Landed at iSmashPhone HQ – HTC Arrive

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Many know that iSmashPhone is typically an iPhone site. But with new devices like the iPad and many people out there owning the iPod touch, they may not be interested in owning an iPhone as well. Android, webOS or Windows Phone 7 may be more to their tastes. We're hoping to be able to reflect that more in the future by taking some hands-on with more devices. The first such handset is the HTC Arrive, a Windows 7 phone on Sprint's network.

We will be taking it through its paces over the next two weeks. As some readers may know, we want to truly put these phones through the test. It's hard to give real impressions after only a day or two of use. Two weeks lets us use the device and see how it works in the real world. It's our hope that this can be the start of many such product reviews to come.

Early on, we can say we like what we see so far. We will be posting our full review when we get real hands-on with it.

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