Looking for the iPhone Tracker? How to Find it.

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A while back, we wrote about that discovery made with the iPhone and iPad 3G tracking and storing user location data and syncing it on your computer. Many worry about privacy, and it’s not a great experience to feel like you can’t have the privacy you are entitled to.

That said, there is a bit of software that will show you where your iPhone has tracked your location. We posted the iPhone tracking tool in the past, but some missed it and have been interested in finding it again. It’s available right here: iPhone tracker. This is simply opening the file that is stored on your computer (backed up from your iPhone) and making it viewable.

Right now, jailbreakers can disable that, with a tool that was releasedd the day after this was all reported on. Read more about that one here.

In an increasingly connected world, our location is constantly being tracked. We are broadcasting our information via social networking sites like Twitter, foursquare and Facebook. At the same time, users are concerned with privacy because this just goes to show that some of this data is stored without our knowledge. While it seems as if it’s not beamed out to Apple HQ, it’s hard to know exactly where this data goes if anywhere. Heck, it’s cellular data, it could be going anywhere.

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