Mac or PC? May Say a Bit More About You Than You Realize

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Mac or PC? Use what you like. One survey took a look at what users own, and asked them several questions about not only their computer, but what kind of movies, TV, food and whatever else they enjoy. They were able to come up with some interesting statistics. Of course this stuff isn't telling of everyone, they just noticed that certain computer users tend to enjoy certain things.

According to the reports, took a look at 75 million answers to questions that were asked to its 700,000 members. They took all that data and sorted it out with some fancy computation and number crunching, and were able to figure out what different users may like.

Let's see what kind of stuff they found.


1) Mac Users Tend to be Younger, PC Fans Older

They found that Mac users usually range in age from 18-34. While the PC fans tend to be in the 35-49 range. That is according to the survey. We've met users of all ages, but remember that this is just one of those "they're more likely to fit in this group or that group" kind of survey.

2) Mac Fans Tend to Be Early Adopters of Tech

Really? Who'd have guessed it with all those iDevices? Mac fans are usually more likely to be early adopters of technology. That probably explains Apple's willingness to put out new iPhones, iPads, iPod touch and Apple TV models as often as they do. People are willing to buy up new technology. The good news is that Apple has a pretty good track record of being able to make these gadgets into successes.


3) Mac Users Are More Likely to be Vegetarian

 Wow. They even asked this one. Still, they found that people who enjoy using a Mac are more likely to be vegetarian. We can't speak for all of iSmashPhone, but this user has a Mac, and enjoys a good steak from time to time. Guess we don't fit into that demographic. Oh well, that's still two out of three for us.


4) Movie Tastes

The survey results also showed that Mac users tend to like indie movies. You know, that less traditional stuff that us kids like these days. PC users are more into Hollywood movies. The same goes for style, though. Mac users tend to lean more towards the modern, and PC users tend to like more traditional styles.


5) Jeans?

Mac user here. Wearing navy blue cargo pants. I own several pairs of navy blue cargo pants. That's been the case since high school, and it's not likely to change. We don't know what other Mac users tend to wear, probably sweat pants or something, who knows. Either way, PC users are more likely to wear jeans, according to the survey. But doesn't Steve Jobs wear jeans? Come to think of it, he's older, too. He also likes Pixar movies (well he used to be CEO and is on Disney's Board) those are Hollywood movies. Does this mean? Eh, whatever.


Here's a 2007 rap video talking Mac or PC

Mac or PC?

So what's your computer preference? Mac or PC? Do any of these things sound like you? Let us know, you can also check out more about it here. Maybe some of this is common sense. If Mac users tend to be younger, they usually tend to be more liberal. They tend to like indie movies and adopt new technology as well as like modern designs, because…they're younger. Wow, we think we figured something else out. Younger people act younger than older people.

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