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Microsoft today offered details on the release of the long-rumored Kinect for Windows SDK. Kinect, for those who may not know, is Microsoft’s hands-free motion controller. It’s what some may call Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii.

With the SDK software, as one would expect, third-parties can create software that can be used with Kinect on a PC. With the SDK, users can see some of the Kinect information: audio, the sensors, movement, etc.

Currently, the version being planned for release is non-commercial, with a commercial version in the works for a later release.

This can lead to some interesting applications with Kinect and neat interfaces for using Windows systems. We don’t know exactly when the SDK will hit, but it’s nice to hear that Microsoft is making it official. We can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

Even in past months, since the November release of the Kinect, we’ve seen a lot of awesome hacks for the peripheral. We just hope to see more of that sort of stuff, and to a semi-official capacity so that the average user can play with this stuff on their very own computers.

Of course this can also lead to other Kinect software, as we’ve seen in the past. Everyone remembers when one obscure game maker gained some publicity by creating a game about feeling up polygonal women. Sadly, some of those things become associated with Kinect and Microsoft rather than just a nobody developer with a hacked dev kit.

Check out some of our favorite Kinect hacks.


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