iOS and Android: Fortune Weighs In On the Debate


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Fortune is taking a recent Business Insider article to task over a story about iOS vs Android marketshare. Writer Andy M. Zaky says that there is an abundance of articles talking about the demise of Apple's smartphone business and saying that marketshare data isn't substantial.

He uses Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry in an example and says to imagine that RIM begins using the Android OS on all its phones. Then adds, "even if Blackberry sales decline in 2011 for the first time ever, Android growth would skyrocket because every single Blackberry device sold would carry the Android operating system."

The story also says that iPhone sales are outpacing growth in the global smartphone market, adding that "in the December quarter…while the global smartphone market grew at a pace of 70% year-over-year, Apple's iPhone grew by 87%."

The story also mentions that Google will probably be releasing their Q1 results later this week and suggests that Google will probably report about $6.5 billion in revenue while Apple will report that the iPhone alone has brought in over $11 billion for the quarter. They also add that Google is expected to bring in $27 billion in 2011, while the iPhone is supposed to bring in $48.2 billion. They story goes on to say that the iPhone alone is nearly twice the size of Google as a whole.

We will know for sure when those financials come in. Point of Fortune's story? Investors need not worry.



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