Oops! Sony CEO Stringer Accidentally Leaks Info on iPhone 5 Camera

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Whoops! During an interview with All Things D’s Walt Mossberg Sony CEO Howard Stringer may have inadvertently leaked information on the iPhone 5 camera.

During a Wall Street Journal interview (via Electronista), Stringer revealed that Sony is a supplier for the camera in an upcoming Apple device. The info was leaked because he mentioned that the quakes in Japan have caused a delay in production for the 8MP camera that Sony would be supplying for an Apple device. Of course he didn’t say which, but most were able to deduce that this is probably for the upcoming iPhone 5.

According to reports around the internet it means that Apple is leaving behind the OmniVision 5MP camera of the iPhone 4 and going with the Sony 8MP camera. They also point to a rumor that Sony is planning to take over OmniVision. If true, the pieces could be coming together.

It’s also worth noting that this may be part of Apple’s rumored delay of the iPhone 5. The iPhone usually gets a June reveal, but reports have circulated saying that it may be slightly delayed.

It’s also been found that Apple is playing with the idea of a 3D camera. Whether or not that comes into fruition is another story.

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